FlashGigs Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Get Paid for my work?

Flashgigs is a meet-up platform that provides a venue for Gig posters and Gig seekers to get in contact with each other in order to get a job or task(s) done for a price (determined by Gig poster). As such, it is the responsibility of the Gig Poster and that of the Gig Seeker to negotiate and ensure payment after a job is completed.

Do I get Paid cash after i finish a Gig?

Gig seekers get paid by cash or Cheque. It is the responsibility of the Gig seeker and that of the Gig Poster to negotiate the various methods of payment.

Who can use Flashgigs?

Everyone and anyone who either has an emergency staffing position to be filled, a task that needs to be completed and anyone in need of some money or a short term gig should use Flashgigs.

How long will my Gig Ad be posted for on Flashgigs?

Every Gig posted will remain on the site for a maximum period of one week, unless that Gig has been completed, in which case, it will automatically be taken off the site.

How do I report anyone not using Flashgigs properly?

The best way to do so will be sending Flashgigs a message and voicing your concerns. Here at Flashgigs we promise to respond to all your inquiries between a 24 – 48 hour time frame.

Flashgigs urges all its users to show sufficient caution when meeting up with any of its users.